BLACKPINK’s Rosé Earns A New Nickname After Going Viral At “Coachella 2023”

“… they knew who mothered at Coachella…”

BLACKPINK returned to Indio, California, after their Coachella debut in 2019, and made history for the second time with their first weekend performance at Coachella 2023, becoming the first K-Pop and girl group to headline the festival on the main stage.

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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, JennieRosé, and Lisa gave an electrifying performance that stunned BLINKs and locals with their incredible talent, gorgeous visuals, and the production quality of their stage.

Their nearly two-hour performance covered 18 of the group’s songs, including solo performances from each member.

Each member unsurprisingly went viral during and after their performance. BLACKPINK’s Rosé performed a mix of her solo songs “Gone” and “On The Ground,” commanding the audience’s attention with her vocal talent and mesmerizing stage presence.

Even during group performances, Rosé shined and reminded many BLINKs of her viral rockstar moments during Coachella 2019.

Four years later, Rosé has added new viral moments to her résumé and earned a new nickname from locals desperate to learn more about the BLACKPINK star.

Among locals watching the performance at Coachella 2023 and those who viewed the livestream but were new to BLACKPINK, netizens began to flood social media asking about “the blonde girl” who ate up the stage and left no crumbs.

BLACKPINK made history and set the standard for future acts with their massively successful weekend one performance at Coachella 2023.

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