BLACKPINK’s Rosé Draws Praise For Being The Perfect Model In A Magazine Spread

Stunning as usual.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently graced DAZED Magazine‘s front cover with a gorgeous shoot. She wore clothes from the luxury fashion house of YSL, of course! As Rosé is their global ambassador, she stunned in their high fashion pieces for the shoot. Check out her looks below.

1. Chic two-piece

She emphasized her handsome charms with a sleek all-back hairdo and mute-toned makeup. A gold cuff topped off the look while the black two-piece did the heavy lifting.

2. Rosie

She wore a dress printed with her namesake. The halter design showed off her delicate shoulders and collarbones.

3. All checked out

She wore an oversized blazer with a checked print over a studded top.

4. Hollywood glam

This one is our favorite. The black and white shot and her dramatic waves remind us of old Hollywood glamor.

Rosé was praised widely for being the most perfect model. With her slender physique and unique face, she’s the best canvas for any clothing.

  • “She’s so model-like with her height and slender frame, and her skin is even pale while her face is not typical but one with both cuteness and charms. No matter what photoshoot it is, she looks like a professional model. But when she stands on stage as an idol she changes immediately and her refreshing chicness is amazing. Her dance and singing are top tiers and so once you fall for her, you can’t get out. I can’t even explain Rosé’s charm in words.”
  • “It’s been a while since I saw her with permed hair. She’s so pretty.”
  • “The second one is crazy. She looks gorgeous with curls”
  • “I screamed when I saw this. She’s totally top Hollywood actress material.”

We definitely agree with it all!

Source: pann