BLACKPINK Rosé Goes Viral For Her Reaction To Meeting BLINKs Following The Release Of “Pink Venom”

It showcases the idol’s true personality!

After what seems like forever, BLACKPINK is finally back in our area after the pre-release track “Pink Venom” was shared ahead of their Born Pink album release.

BLACKPINK “Pink Venom” teaser | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

In the lead-up to the song, BLINKs were treated to amazing concept photos and videos that sent the internet into meltdown.

BLACKPINK Jisoo teaser | @BLACKPINK/Twitter
BLACKPINK Jisoo teaser | @BLACKPINK/Twitter
BLACKPINK Rose teaser | @BLACKPINK/Twitter
BLACKPINK Lisa teaser | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

On August 19, the song was finally released to the world, and it was definitely worth the wait. The members shined with their talent, visuals, and charisma in a song that is truly badass AF!

| BLACKPINK Official/YouTube
| BLACKPINK Official/YouTube 

Like all idols, the members of BLACKPINK celebrated the release of their track with a live broadcast. During the video, the members chatted about the comeback, gave spoilers, and shared their reactions to the video.

Live countdown stream | BLACKPINK Official/YouTube
| BLACKPINK Official/YouTube
| BLACKPINK Official/YouTube 

Not only is it BLACKPINK’s first comeback in what seems like forever, but it is the first time many of the members have been able to greet fans more comfortably as a group, especially after the pandemic.

After the live broadcast, the members all greeted fans who were waiting for them. They all had the sweetest reactions, making sure to wave and interact with them.

However, it was Rosé‘s reaction that really struck a chord with netizens worldwide.

Like the rest of the members, Rosé was interacting with fans, and she even showed them proof that she was really playing guitar in the music video.

| BLACKPINK Official/YouTube

Yet, one moment stood out the most.

While speaking to fans, many noticed the idol get unsurprisingly emotional in the car and was seen wiping away tears from her eyes. After so long away from BLINKs, especially in Korea due to restrictions, it would have been a huge moment to see fans.

| @fhwpzbxm/Twitter 

In particular, at one point, Rosé explained to the fans, “I’ve missed everyone so much,” and even BLINKs seemed rightly emotional chatting with the idol so close up.

|@ohingchu_ /Twitter 

When the clips were released, netizens on social media couldn’t get over the idol’s reactions to her fans. Many shared that Rosé always has the cutest reaction to fans whenever she meets them in the car.

With BLACKPINK set to return to music shows and a world tour later in the year, Rosé and the rest of the members will undoubtedly get more emotional after meeting BLINKs. Although BLACKPINK is one of the biggest groups in the world, their reaction to fans proves how humble and appreciative they are for the support.

You can read more about the comeback below.

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Source: @fhwpzbxm and @ohingchu__

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