BLACKPINK’s Rosé Has Officially Adopted A Puppy But Here Is The Tiny Detail Netizens Are Praising Her For

Say hi to Hank!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has officially adopted a puppy! She introduced the critter to fans via Instagram stories late at night on December 10, 2020. The adorable pup has been named Hank. Meet Hank, guys!

| @LKMdpZXZyVE0Zni/Twitter

As most would know, Hank has been adopted – meaning, Rosé rescued the pup rather than purchase a brand new animal from the pet shop. However, it’s one other tiny detail that has won over the hearts of many. On Hank’s profile, it says “special breed”.

| @LKMdpZXZyVE0Zni/Twitter

Why is this touching the hearts of netizens? Rather than referring to the dog as a mixed breed, Rosé described the pup as a “special breed” instead, showing just how considerate she is, even to animals. Fans have praised her for it, calling her “perhaps…an angel….?

@sayTheirName_17 took the words right out of our mouths when they said, “how can such a person exist?

We’re sure baby Hank is living his best life with a mom as great as Rosé! Check out more of their shenanigans on his official Instagram, @hank_says_hank!

| @hank_says_hank/Instagram