BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Such A Workaholic, She Got Shingles While Taking Time Off

“It came with me not knowing what to do in a life without work.”

During BLACKPINK Rosé‘s interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed just how insanely dedicated she is to her craft. Working consistently for years, Rosé experienced the bittersweet “rest” period that came with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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When she was unable to work during these hard times, she admitted it took a toll on her both physically and mentally.

Oh, it was terrible. I’ve never rested like that in my life, and it was the worst. I was sick at one point — you know, things your body goes through when stress hits you? I got the shingles. It came with me not knowing what to do in a life without work.

— Rosé

She began to question the future of the group and her career. Poking fun at herself and calling it “dramatic,” the unpredictable times brought out her feelings of uncertainty and fear.

I was a workaholic, obviously. I couldn’t stand the fact that suddenly all of our schedules were empty for the next two to three months. I started to think, ‘What if people aren’t interested in me, or us, by the end of this pandemic? What am I going to do for the rest of my life?’ I don’t know why I thought like that. Now that I think about it, I’m so dramatic. Why am I so dramatic?

— Rosé

During this time, she was able to work on herself.

l used that time to get to know myself better. ‘How do I cope with myself? How do I deal with myself in a room that’s quiet?’ I think a lot of people could really relate.

— Rosé

She revealed she felt like she became more in tune with an introverted side of herself that she didn’t know she had.

I was extremely extroverted back then. It was time for me to tune into my inner self, act like an introvert. I kind of created this introverted persona — I remember being in a big room with a bunch of people, and I wanted to go home for the first time. ‘Wow, is this what introverts feel?’

— Rosé

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