BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shocks BLINKs After Allegedly Debuting A New Tattoo During The “BORN PINK” Tour— The Idol Reveals The Unexpected Truth

Did Rosé join BLACKPINK’s alleged “tattoo line?”

While female idols having tattoos isn’t as common, more stars are gaining attention for the striking artwork on their bodies. Recently, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé gained attention after BLINKs were certain the idol got a tattoo.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Over the past few months, the members of BLACKPINK have gained attention after BLINKs believe some of them have got tattoos.

During the BORN PINK tour, Jisoo seemingly gave a glimpse of a tattoo, while Lisa‘s art was believed to be on show during a magazine editorial.

BLINKs are sure Jisoo has a tattoo | @jisoosfilm/Twitter
BLACKPINK’s Lisa and her alleged tattoo

Rosé was the next member who gained attention during the recent shows, as BLINKs were certain that the idol had joined the tattooed gang.

In photos and videos from the shows, BLINKs were sure that a small mark or design that they say on the upper part of the idol’s arm was a tattoo.

The alleged tattoo was just above the idol’s elbow

While it seemed like a mark, on a zoomed-in shot, it was clear that it seemed to be a design to it rather than just a spot or beauty mark.

Well, it seems like the truth is out… but there’s a plot twist.

On March 28, Rosé left Korea to head to America for a special event at the MET. As expected, the idol looked flawless and was more than happy to talk to the fansites that had gone to wish her well on her travels,

Amongst those fansites was @_youimma, and as expected, they were able to chat with the idol and finally get the whole tattoo issue sorted.

Source: @_youimma