BLACKPINK’s Rosé Teased Fans With News About Her Upcoming Solo

Rosé surprised fans with the topic during a livestream:

As the next BLACKPINK member reported to get her solo, Rosé just teased fans with some news about it that has fans everywhere celebrating.


A few days ago, Rosé went live to interact with fans. While she had plenty of fun chatting with fans and answering questions, she also decided to let everyone know about her upcoming solo.


After seeing a number of comments about it, Rosé told fans to trust in her and revealed that her solo is coming!

I know, everybody is like ‘Rosie solo!’ Guys, please hang in there for me. Please just trust me. Trust me on this okay? Hang in there, we are getting there!

— Rosé


With this latest hint about her upcoming solo, everyone is even more pumped for Rosé’s solo! Now it’s only a matter of time before our ears are blessed by her vocals!


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