BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Thoughtful Gesture For Lisa Proves Their Close Friendship

The gesture shows Rosé’s kind personality.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Rosé had a fun time together during their recent live broadcast.

Rosé (left) and Lisa (right) | BLACKPINK/VLive

The two youngest members of BLACKPINK are also best friends, but they didn’t start out that way. They’ve previously shared that Lisa had been the youngest member of BLACKPINK’s line-up until Rosé joined, who was only a month older.

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They revealed that they often fought like siblings, but once they became best friends, nothing could get in the way of their bond.

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Their close friendship was on display in their live broadcast today when Lisa revealed that she had asked Rosé to make something for her to eat.

I told Rosé that I’m super hungry, please make something for me.

— Lisa

Rosé responded by treating the youngest member to a special homemade meal. She had gone above and beyond and prepared a steak that she had bought for the occasion. Lisa then hilariously exposed her older group member by revealing that Rosé said the steak was expensive.


Rosé quickly denied it and clarified, “It’s expensive considering the size.” Lisa felt that it was a waste to prepare the steak for her. Still, Rosé heartwarmingly assured her friend that even though it was expensive considering the size of the steak, she was happy to be able to cook for Lisa, sharing that it was better to eat together than alone.

Despite the cost, Rosé made sure Lisa was treated to a great dinner, proving her thoughtful personality and their close friendship.

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When Rosé was finished preparing the steak, she sat with Lisa to enjoy their dinner. Lisa was so moved by the delicious meal that she hugged Rosé and told her she loved her, warming fans’ hearts.

Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement for the adorable moments the two shared.

Lisa and Rosé continue to prove their friendship is as close as ever. To see more of their sisterlike bond, check out the article below!

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