BLACKPINK’s Sasaeng Fans Put Members In Danger By Going Wild At Philippines Airport

They climbed on top of police vans, stampeded across the airport, halted traffic and more.

BLACKPINK recently landed at the Manila airport in the Philippines for their 2019 World Tour. However, the members received an unwanted amount of chaos as their welcoming as sasaeng fans went over the line.


To have a hard of fans following right up against you as you try to make your way through the airport is one thing. As soon as BLACKPINK members landed, hundreds of fans stampeded across the airport to get a closer look.


As the members got closer, the fans became too wild for even the airport security team to manage.


Some even got on top of police vans and cars to get a better look.


The chaos caused by the fans halted all traffic at the airport, causing a disturbance to not only BLACPINK but other travelers.


Other BLINKs began expressing their disappointment online as they disapproved of how the fans welcomed BLACKPINK to Manila.


Fans also commented on how the members would feel arriving to an airport to be greeted by a wild mob. They compared photos of BLACKPINK leaving Korea to meet their fans versus when they landed.


Watch footages from the airport as fans awaited BLACKPINK’s arrival: