BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” Is Getting A Performance MV But Not The Kind You Expect

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez are keeping fans on their toes.

As soon as Selena Gomez was rumored to be collaborating with BLACKPINK for the track “Ice Cream”, fans went wild at the thought of the two badass female artists together. Following the teasers and official release of the music video, it lived up to what everyone had been expecting.


Gaining over a hundred million views and shooting to the number one trending spot on YouTube, everyone was tuning in. The music video is still on the trending list days later. With it being so well-received, the group and Selena have decided to drop a performance video for the track. There’s a fun twist, though.

While BLACKPINK’s last performance video for “How You Like That” was all about seeing the girls execute their powerful choreography with a pink backdrop, “Ice Cream” will be completely different.


The girls and Selena will instead be in animated form thanks to ZEPETO, an app dedicated to making it easy for users to create avatars of themselves from head to toe. While it hadn’t been what fans were expecting, it made perfect sense.

Since they couldn’t be together to film a music video in-person, it was a perfect solution to include everyone. On top of that, the cute style of the animation fits with the bouncy vide of the summery track. Though there’s no release date, everyone will be looking forward to the video.