BLACKPINK Share Their Honest Thoughts About Debuting In the US

The members shared their current thoughts about a US debut.

BLACKPINK opened up in a recent interview about their possible venture into the US market. When asked about how the talks with American labels are going, the members emphasized that they’re going to be focusing on domestic promotions first.


Jisoo says they’re concentrating on their promotions in Korea and that if they ever go to the States, it will because it happened naturally.

“We didn’t become a group to enter into the US market. Whether we go to the States or not, we’re going to continue working hard on our promotions. We believe our US debut will happen naturally along the way if it happens at all. Of course, we’ll be very happy if we get the chance to go but we try not to focus on it too much.” — Jisoo


BLACKPINK’s all about their domestic promotions as of now but they’ll keep an open mind for the future.

“We’re definitely happy whenever we receive new opportunities, but our main priority is to focus on our Korean promotions.” — Jisoo


Jennie agreed with Jisoo, adding that she wants to focus on the present and reality. She wants to cherish each small step in their careers.

“I don’t think we should let go to reality. Instead of getting excited for a possible future, we put our best into the present promotions. My goal is to accomplish each step one by one.” — Jennie


It appears these words are what the BLACKPINK members live by. Instead of setting goals, they try to cherish the present and enjoy life.

“We purposefully don’t set specific goals. I feel like once we achieve that goal, we’ll contemplate on ‘what’s next?’ Instead of worrying about the future, I think it’s better to work hard on the present.”— Jisoo

“Even having released a mini-album brings me great joy every day. I do dream of a bright future but I don’t want to lose any of the small happiness that are happening now.” — Jennie

Source: Osen