BLACKPINK Shows The Reality Of Just How Busy Comeback Day Is For Them

They always work hard.

K-Pop idols are undoubtedly hard working! They’re always busiest when it’s comeback day as they have schedules from early morning until late at night.

BLACKPINK‘s schedule was particularly packed on October 2 as they dropped their first full-length album The Album and released the music video for their title track “Lovesick Girls”.

They were up and about early in the morning. Before their online broadcast at 10AM, they already had on their outfits and hair and makeup. Lisa was even seen rehearsing the script to ensure a smooth show.

Instead of relaxing before their schedule, the girls filmed more content for their reality show. They were busy from start to finish!

It was so early, they were afraid that BLINKs may not attend their live show—something they didn’t need to worry about in the end.

I wonder if our fans would watch us at 10AM? BLINKs, wake up!


They spent precious time with their fans answering questions and playing games.

When it was over, BLACKPINK barely had time to rest as they went straight to preparations for their press conference for The Album. They even completely changed their outfits to more professional attire.

Despite the hardships, they were enthusiastic the entire time.

That’s what you call professionalism! To see their full hectic schedule, check out the video below.