BLACKPINK Will Reportedly Start Western Advancement In September, Korean Comeback By End Of The Year

BLACKPINK is getting ready to take on the Western market!

YG Entertainment has all but confirmed BLACKPINK‘s plans to expand into the Western market in September, mentioning development marketing in North America and Europe.


According to financial analyst Hanwha Investment & Securities Co, YG Entertainment is entering a “growth” phrase, and the probability of BLACKPINK going on a global tour has raised their target projections for YG Entertainment’s stock.


BLACKPINK will complete its domestic activities in South Korea at the end of the month before entering the North American and European market in September. A domestic comeback is also scheduled by the end of the year.

“This year is the year to focus on the momentum of the rookie group as the new group is on the verge of a period of growth.” — Hanwha Investment & Securities Researcher Ji In Hae


YG Entertainment has already hinted about the group’s possible American debut but now it seems officially part of BLACKPINK’s schedule.

YG In Discussion With Top US Labels About BLACKPINK’s American Debut


Hanwa Investment & Securities Co also cited iKON and WINNER‘s increasing popularity in Japan and South Korea as reasons to invest in the company, with these boy groups “entering the growth track” with their expanding Asian tours.


BLACKPINK may soon be in your area, international BLINKs!

Source: Daily Business