BLACKPINK’s Stylist Chose Her Favorite Music Video Look For The Group, And Here’s Why She Thinks They Are Certified Iconic

How can you pick just one?

When K-Pop idols release new albums, of course, fans focus on the lyrics in the song and the concept of the music video. However, there is another thing that always catches the attention of netizens, and it is the outfits. It can be what is worn both in the video and when they perform, but they are so important.

In particular, one group that has always been known for its amazing outfits is BLACKPINK. From the group’s debut in 2016 to their solo activities now, the members are always praised for their taste in fashion and have become ambassadors for various fashion brands.

BLACKPINK members | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

Yet, all of these amazing outfits aren’t just created out of thin air, and a lot of thought goes into making sure that each member looks perfect. When it comes to BLACKPINK, their fashion is put in the hands of their stylist Park Min Hee.

Park Min Hee | W Korea

Recently, Park Min Hee took part in an interview, alongside other K-Pop stylists, for W Korea. She discussed what it was like working with BLACKPINK, their influence on the clothes, and much more.

During the interview, Park Min Hee was asked, “If you could pick one, which look would you pick out of all the styles that you’ve put together?” Now, that would be tough for any BLINK, never mind the stylist. From the iconic “How You Like That” to even Lisa‘s recent “LALISA” music video, Park Min Hee has created some beautiful combinations for the members.

| YG Entertainment

However, it seems as if one music video stood out the most to Park Min Hee, and it is a look from “Lovesick Girls.” In particular, the outfits worn for the store scene.


For Park Min Hee, the outfits caused a lot of issues at first, and it was something they were working on right until the last minute. However, as expected, she chose to keep doing this to ensure that all the members looked perfect.

We went through a lot of changes until we finally decided on those specific outfits for that scene. We kept correcting and changing until the last minute, even on set at the shoot. So I remember those very clearly. Fortunately, the outfits worked really well with the set, song, and choreography.

— Park Min Hee


Alongside the work that went alongside creating the outfits, Park Min Hee explained that it had a special place in her heart because of the personal connection to the designs.

I loved the vibe of the set when I got to work on those. And because I personally worked on them, from cutting them up and sewing them back together, I feel more attached to those outfits.

— Park Min Hee


With BLACKPINK, fans always know that they will get to see amazing looks wherever the members go. Even when they’re out and about, and traveling the world, they always look perfect. It is definitely down to the styling from Park Min Hee.

| @BLACKPINK/ Twitter
| YG Entertainment

From music videos, trips abroad, and their own selfies, BLACKPINK and Park Min Hee seem to be the perfect match when it comes to creating looks. Fans love their friendship and how they are so involved in creating their own styles.

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Source: W Korea


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