BLACKPINK’s Hair Stylist Reveals All You Need To Know About Idol Hair Extensions … And Dishes About How Kind Rosé Is

Rosé’s Coachella hair was their work.

All of the girls of BLACKPINK go to the same salon for their hair extensions. Pretty Salon‘s a premium hair extensions shop located in Chungdamdong, Seoul. Not only does BLACKPINK go there, their impressive clientele is rounded out by TWICE, MOMOLAND, GFRIEND and more! Their stylists guested on AYO to answer curiosities about idol hair extensions.

Firstly, the revealed that it was indeed possible for people with extremely short hair to get extensions put in naturally. Actress Oh Yeon Seo made a successful transformation between dramas thanks to Pretty Salon.

They also revealed that their one top pick for idols that suit long extensions, is none other than Rosé!

They revealed that the possible colors available for extensions are plentiful and that Rosé uses this particular one in a rose gold shade.

Rosé during Coachella with her long blond extensions was indeed iconic.

Lisa also frequently used this ash brown color during her earlier days.

The stylist revealed just how kind Rosé was – she offered the stylists invitation passes to their concert in Seoul. The stylist was extremely proud to see the girls on stage, with the extensions she spent hours on!

Upon being asked why certain idols have bad, obvious extensions, the head stylist replied that if one does not care for the extensions properly, they will look very divided from the natural hair. Brushing it daily and right before styling is a must, so is conditioner and treatment. Extensions are made from natural hair, so one should treat it as such.

She revealed that since the process takes about two hours, most idols use the time to catch up on some sleep, watch movies or even study languages!

Extensions can be quite pricey and difficult to upkeep, so make sure you do your research before taking the plunge! Watch the full video below.


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