BLACKPINK Take On The World’s Leaders In Their New Climate Change Address For COP26

“Climate change is an established fact” -Lisa

The UN (United Nations) is currently holding their COP 26 (or Conference Of the Parties), where heads of state from around the world have gathered in Glasgow, UK, to discuss goals for dealing with climate change in the future. As a part of this, BLACKPINK delivered a special for both BLINKs and world leaders alike about the importance of taking care of the planet.

BLACKPINK being appointed as UN ambassadors. | Naver

In a video uploaded to their YouTube channel titled CALLING ALL BLINKS: CLIMATE ACTION IN YOUR AREA!, the girls shared what they’ve learned in the past year and their hopes for the future as UN Ambassadors For Sustainable Development Goals.

Rosé began by explaining that the group had learned more about climate change since the Climate Ambition Summit. She then gave the group’s reasoning for this being “Because we are convinced this is the most important issue of our time.”

Lisa then spoke in her native Thai to express just how serious the concerns about climate change are.

Climate change is an established fact. We have learned of the devastating changes to nature, to global weather and to the air we breathe. And the changes that we feared are already beginning to transform our planet


Then Jennie added that the need to act on this important issue is urgent. She explained this is necessary “to prevent much, much worse.”

Jisoo proudly addressed the world’s leaders for the group, urging them to “make the decisions necessary to protect our planet now and forever.”

Rosé and Lisa showed their knowledge of the issue by explaining that there is a limit to the amount the earth can continue to warm, and if it warms beyond two degrees celsius, it could have serious consequences.

If the world’s temperature rises by two degrees, there will be severe impacts on people and nature in every corner of the globe. One-third of the world’s population will be regularly exposed to severe heat leading to drought, health problems, and death.


Jennie brought the focus to the oceans, addressing how a rise in temperatures could destroy coral reefs and melt sea ice.

Jisoo added that “The important thing is that we all take responsibility because it won’t be achieved without collective action.”

BLACKPINK as a whole then directly addressed the heads of state on behalf of themselves, BLINKs, and their generation.

We, BLACKPINK, and BLINKs, our fans, our generation, our world will be watching and hoping. Let’s work together for our planet and take climate action in your area.


This is not the first time the girls have addressed climate change, as they recently participated in the Dear Earth series on YouTube.

While BLACKPINK may be new to their role with the UN, they continue to impress BLINks with their eloquence. To see their full address, check out their video below: