Latin Pop Queen Thalía Shared Her Love For BLACKPINK And Revealed She Wants To Collab With Them

Thalía wants to collab with BLACKPINK!

While BLINKs are still waiting patiently for any news about one rumored BLACKPINK collab, the Latin pop queen, Thalía,  just gave everyone another collaboration project to get behind!

Image: @thalia/Instagram

Recently, Thalía opened up about her new music, her artistic mindset, and more with Jeff Benjamin for Forbes, an American business magazine. During the interview, Thalía also revealed her love for BLACKPINK and even discussed the possibilities of a collab together.

As the interview was wrapping up, Jeff was curious to know if there were any surprise artists on Thalía’s playlist. With that question, Thalía soon revealed that she doesn’t just like BLACKPINK she loves them!


— Thalía

After declaring her love for the K-Pop queens, Thalía then dropped a big bombshell on fans by revealing that she would love to make her next collab with them!

That’s my next collab. That should be my next f*cking collab!

— Thalía

Thalía even announced that she would love to do the promo in Korea with them!

Let’s do it, I’ll DM them! And then let’s do the promo there. I believe the Korean music community also loves Latin music. They love to dance, they’re very passionate about our culture, and I feel like they understand our aura. Now I’m excited!

— Thalía

Thalía’s words have already been building excitement in the fandom with many BLINKs expressing their hopes to see these queens teaming up!

Fingers crossed we’ll get to hear what’s sure to be an amazing collab between them!

Source: Forbes