BLACKPINK to run debut promotions exclusively on “Inkigayo”

YG Entertainment has made a bold move and confirmed that BLACKPINK will be exclusively promoting on SBS Inkigayo all throughout their promotions. 

Early this month, BLACKPINK made a solid debut by releasing title tracks “BOOMBAYAH” and “Whistle” from their debut album, Square One. The success of their debut made them achieve the record as the fastest girl group to secure the top spot at a music program and unveiled an opportunity to interact with their fans through the reality program, BLACKPINK TV.

As their debut promotions continue, however, it was then discussed why YG Entertainment failed to secure appearances on music programs such as Music Bank, Music Core and M! Countdown. According to the article by Segye, the real reason for such strategy is not known as it was Yang Hyun Suk’s decision to do so. A number of his employees explained that even they do not know the reason behind the exclusive Inkigayo appearances.

Considering that the group is already gaining interests through their songs, music videos and recent performances, it was suggested that by appearing in other programs increase their popularity. However, it was discussed that by opting to stick to one music program per week also allows the artists to focus on a greater performance instead.

It is explained that the exclusivity will remain for the timebeing.

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Source: Segye