BLACKPINK’s World Tour Merch Is Going Viral Even Among Non-Fans For Its Resemblance To The Members

They each have their own adorable animal character!

BLACKPINK‘s latest World Tour merchandise, called “My Sweet Home,” is making waves online. Resembling the members flawlessly, the four animal characters are so distinct that even non-fans know exactly which one represents each member.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé

Jisoo is represented by Sooya, an adorable bunny that has her heart-shaped smile.

Jennie‘s animal counterpart is Gomedeuki, a cute teddy bear that shares her big eyes and small mouth.

Rosé looks just like Rosie the squirrel — especially with her dainty eyelashes!

Ppeu the duck perfectly represents Lisa and even has her little freckle next to her eye.

When side by side with their own characters, the resemblance is undeniable!

The super cute characters come in a variety of products, including stickers…

…photo ID holders…

…and much more!

It’s no surprise that even non-fans want to get their hands on this adorable merch.

The hardest part is picking which character is your favorite!