BLACKPINK Continue To Show Off Their Unbreakable Bond As OT4 At Incheon Airport Ahead Of Their “Born Pink” Album Release

Their actions prove they are stronger when they’re together!

For the past two years, the members of BLACKPINK have been traveling the world and attending schedules for some of the biggest brands. Yet, many of these were individual and it seemed like forever since the members attended schedules overseas together.

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After so long, it seems like all the content is coming at once. Last month, the members made their first OT4 appearance at Incheon Airport in over two years…

BLACKPINK’s first OT4 airport appearance in two years back in August

Less than a month later, all four members have once again treated fans as they head off to America ahead of the release of their album Born Pink. The group has been treating netizens to visuals and concepts galore ahead of the album’s release alongside the single “Shut Down.”

| @BLACKPINK/Twitter
| @BLACKPINK/Twitter

Well, those visuals didn’t stop as BLACKPINK headed back to Incheon Airport. Even though the members got out of separate cars, their bond was shown. They all waited for each other before walking towards the entrance to greet fans and media.

With Rosé instantly linking hands with Jennie, and Lisa wrapping her arms around Jisoo, it showed that BLACKPINK is always better together.

All of the members seemed to also be more coordinated with their outfits, choosing darker colors for the basis and then allowing their own personalities to shine with accessories and overlays.

Even as they were waving to the press, they were holding hands and showcasing just how close they are. After almost two years, the amount of OT4 content is truly a blessing for BLINKs.

As expected, the crowds were in full force, especially as Korean media had released their departure details. Going through the busy crowds, the members stuck to their heartwarming method of staying together, and that was by staying in pairs and linking arms.

Even in the airport, the members were inseparable as they greeted fans and media while staying almost glued together, whether it was for protection or because they felt safer.

As they walked through security, after being checked in, each member made sure to wave at the fans and media, showcasing how much they appreciate all the support.

Of course, alongside videos, there were so many media pictures. They were all showcasing the members’ flawless visuals, even when wearing masks and more casual outfits.


In particular, the much-loved OT4 pictures continued to capture the hearts of netizens as they saw all the members together again.

With the new album set to be released in less than 24 hours, there will definitely be many more OT4 appearances from the members, whether it’s promotions, performances, and much more. Although all the BLACKPINK members are truly magnificent, they definitely shine more together.

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