Vietnamese Girl Group Accused Of Plagiarizing BLACKPINK

Fans couldn’t ignore the similarities between the comeback photos.

A member of the Vietnamese girl group DREAMeR, named MiiNa, previously caught heat for wearing multiple looks that were eerily similar to those of BLACKPINK‘s Rosé. Unfortunately, fans noticed recent teasers for the group’s comeback also seemed similar to BLACKPINK’s.

MiiNa’s looks on top and Rosé’s looks on the bottom. | @EraJisoo/Twitter

DREAMeR Entertainment released a scheduler for DREAMeR’s comeback that looked extremely familiar to fans. The pink font combined with the lightning bolts at the top of the poster resembled BLACKPINK’s promotional teasers.

For BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” promotional images and Born Pink world tour information, the group used pink font and a pair of pink fangs at the top. However, there was a DREAMeR teaser photo that angered fans most from the many similarities.

When introducing Bao Uyen as a member of DREAMeR, the photo showed her wearing a long-sleeved pink top, pointed nails, and long-straight hair half-pinned up with a chopstick ornament. As soon as the teaser caught wind, BLINKs quickly pointed out how the teaser resembled Lisa‘s “Pink Venom” look from BLACKPINK’s teaser.

Bao Uyen

Bao Uyen appeared to have copied the look all the way down to the hair accessory, blue contacts, and pink lipstick that Lisa wore. DREAMeR’s editing team even included the same shattered glass effect, and Bao Uyen’s pose was identical to Lisa’s.


After seeing so many similarities they couldn’t ignore, BLINKs were quick to call out the group for “plagiarizing” BLACKPINK and made a plan to contact YG Entertainment to handle the matter.

YG Entertainment has yet to respond, though. Stay tuned for more updates.