BLACKPINK Becomes The First Girl Group To Host A “Warehouse Visit” Event To Commemorate Their Album

The winners will be the first fans to get “BORN PINK”.

We’ve seen a whole lot of unique K-Pop events, but this one probably takes the cake. BLACKPINK is slated to drop their album, BORN PINK, on September 16, 2022. To commemorate the iconic launch, they have collaborated with distributor KTOWN4U to make memories that fans will never forget.

10 lucky fans will be able to visit the warehouse and distribution center where BORN PINK is packed and distributed.

A total of 10 fans will be chosen from a pool of pre-orders. They will be able to go down to the warehouse on the day of the launch, and be the first fans to get their hands on the album! KTOWN4U has also prepared an album unboxing event and other various experiential activities for the fans.

Transport will be provided to the warehouse from a central area in Seoul as well. KTOWN4U also hilariously had to clarify that the event was not meant to make fans work for them but they could simply stand back and watch what was going on.

The unique event was amusing to many who had never heard of such a thing before. Some even joked that they would be saving on delivery fees for those 10 fans.

Netizen reactions to the event. | theqoo

  • “Why are they visiting? Are they happy to save on delivery fees?”
  • “Aren’t they just not making deliveries and telling fans to come and get it?”
  • “Seems fun lol”
  • “Huuuuh?”
  • “They’re giving you lunch and snacks and a package [of goodies] so I think it’s good.”
  • “So funny LOL”

Well, at any rate, the fans that win will be the first BLINKs to get their hands on BORN PINK. That’s already a win in our eyes!

Source: theqoo