BLACKPINK “Whistle” hits 20 million views in 20 days

On August 27, the music video from YG‘s newborn girl group BLACKPINK has achieved a new milestone by surpassing 20 million Youtube views for title track “Whistle”.

Not even YG’s founder Yang Hyun Suk could have dreamt for a more succesful debut. The girls from BLACKPINK are crushing numbers just 2 weeks after their debut showcase on August 8. “Whistle” is the girl group’s second title track following “BOOMBAYAH”, which has received slightly more success with 25 million Youtube views.

BLACKPINK’s popularity is definitely skyrocketing. Their music videos are going viral thanks to the unique concept and their undeniably on-point visuals, complementing the song’s beat and choreography altogether. K-pop and non-K-pop fans all around the world are giving the youthful group a truly warm welcome to the industry and are surely finding their music and videos appealing.

Besides the Youtube amazing numbers, BLACKPINK has shown their rookie power by getting nominated for the number one position on music shows. They also set a new record by winning the trophy in just 14 days after their debut. The group, comprising Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie and Lisa, has debuted for less than a month, but likely promises to be a future frontrunner of the industry as they are writing new history as a rookie group.

With all their success, the group was able to secure their first variety show, BLACKPINK TV, which has already started airing since August 25.