BLACKPINK Will Follow BTS in Their Footsteps by Appearing on Good Morning America

Is this just the beginning for BLACKPINK?

On February 5, ABC’s Good Morning America posted a tweet that became the topic of conversation in many online communities.

The tweet consisted of a black heart and a pink heart along with the message, “We have a big announcement coming tomorrow morning.

Netizens who saw this post predicted that this post hints at BLACKPINK‘s appearance on Good Morning America.

The two hearts in the post was the biggest hint. The black heart beside a pink heart is one of the most common ways to refer to BLACKPINK.

Another reason why netizens made this prediction is that of a tweet that the producer of Good Morning America posted.

The post reads, “You guys. Tell me everything I need to know about BLACKPINK! I’m so late to this party! Tell me everything!

Well, the speculations were correct because Good Morning America then tweeted the official date when BLACKPINK will be performing on the show.

ABC’s Good Morning America is a morning broadcast that covers various news topics including entertainment.

The famous group, BTS appeared on the show last September and caused quite a stir in America.

Fans are excited by the thought of BLACKPINK appearing on the show and becoming more widely recognized as well.

Will you be tuning in for their American debut?

Source: Insight