BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shares Update On Their Next Album

It’s something for fans to look forward to.

BLACKPINK had fun with fans at their Private Stage [Chapter 1] concert, attempting the whisper challenge and making cute mistakes.


They also shared details about something that everyone has been waiting to hear about: their next album.

When asked about it, Jennie was the one to address the question. According to fans who attended, she said that they’re currently working on it: “It’s in progress.”

Not only that, she shared that the album is something she thinks fans will enjoy. Despite not releasing any details on what type of album it’ll be or when, it’s definitely something for BLINKs to look forward to.

I think you guys will like it.

With BLACKPINK being spotted in the studio and with other artists, it makes sense that they have new music up their sleeves. Until then, BLINKs will be counting the days.