Fatou Says BLACKSWAN Will Come Back And The Group Begins Fandom Name Voting

A lot of content is coming.

BLACKSWAN‘s Fatou recently hosted an Instagram live where she answered questions for 45 minutes. Fans were nervous about the group’s debut as RaNia/BP Rania (what the group was called before rebranding) had several trials and tribulations over the years (such as several rebrands and many member changes). As such, it was reasonable for fans to be scared that they wouldn’t last long. However, Fatou has eased some minds by answering two questions during her live.

What can we expect for the next comeback? A lot.

When will you and the other member release a new song? Soon, so just wait a little bit more.

| @b_fatou_s/Instagram

With just those quick answers, it sounds like BLACKSWAN might have a comeback soon!

The group has also just launched voting for their fandom name.

| @blackswan_drent/Twitter

Fans are already deliberating which is better, however many had problems with the first option of “LUMINA”.

Apart from being similar to quite a few others’ names, the name was originally “LUMIA”. However, fans discovered that “lumia” means prostitute in Spanish and so it was changed to “LUMINA”.


What’s your vote?