BLACKSWAN Officially Has Two New Members, And Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Sriya And Gabi

One is the first-ever Indian K-Pop idol!

One of the most unique K-Pop groups is BLACKSWAN, with members from all across the world. Yet, a series of problems with management, personal issues, and losing members has meant that the group hasn’t gained as much success as netizens had hoped.

Members of BLACKSWAN | @Blackswan___official/Instagram

Back in 2021, DR Music announced that they would be holding global auditions for a new member. Although four made it to the final, only two were flown out recently to South Korea to start their two-month training period: Indian trainee Sriya and Brazilian trainee Gabi.

Newest members Sriya (left) and Gabi (right) | DR Music

Throughout the year, netizens have watched the two idols train and battle for a chance to debut with the group on social media.

On May 26, it was announced that the decision had been made. Rather than choosing just one to join, both Sriya and Gabi would both be joining the lineup, bringing the total number of members to six, alongside existing members Youngheun, Fatou, Judy, and Leia.

By debuting, 18-year-old Sriya has become the first-ever Indian K-idol to debut. The idol was born in Odisha and it seems as if she was always meant to be a star…

| DR Music

According to reports, Sriya has been dancing since she was young and began studying dance seriously when she was 12-years old.

Not only has she studied Odissi, an Indian classical dance that originated in the temples of Odisha, but she is said to be skilled in freestyle, hip-hop, and contemporary dance, which she learned to become “a versatile dancer.

Sriya with her dance medals | TalkTalk Korea

According to an interview with TalkTalk Korea, Sriya’s love and desire to become an idol came from her love of K-Pop, and particularly EXO! By watching some of the biggest groups in K-Pop, Sriya was inspired and listened to her friend’s suggestions to audition.

I fell in love with K-pop when a friend showed me EXO’s ‘Growl’ to me. It was so unique that I started copying their moves. Then, I researched and came to know about PSY, Rania (I love ‘Dr Feel Good’), BTS, and BLACKPINK, and I dreamed of performing like them.

— Sriya

| @shreya.lenka/Instagram

Alongside her talent and passion, which thrived despite the lack of opportunities in her small hometown, netizens have praised Sriya’s visuals and proportions as the idol is 5ft 7.

| TalkTalk Korea
| TalkTalk Korea

20-year-old Gabi has had an equally impressive journey from Brazil to Korea. Born in Florianópolis, Gabi has constantly impressed netizens with improvement over the past few months in the different fields, particularly dance.

| DR Music

Like Sriya, Gabi has always been a performer, and the reason her strengths lie in her vocals is that she has taken musical theater lessons since she was nine. In an interview on the DR Music YouTube channel, Gabi revealed that this training taught her to a variety of vocal techniques, whether it’s pop or opera.

| DR Music/YouTube 

It is also known that she was a member of the dance group Queen of Revolution under the name of Gabs, and has released dance covers of tracks like “TAIL” by Sunmi.

| Queens of Revolution/YouTube  

Compared to Sriya, not much is known about Gabi but she has constantly impressed netizens by improving her dancing.

Although she shined in her covers as part of Queen of Revolution, Gabi revealed that dancing was something she struggled with as she only started proper dance lessons a few months prior to moving to Korea, she has showcased her skills. The duo has been wowing with their covers on social media, and it seems as if they’re perfect for the diverse group!

| DR Music/YouTube 
| DR Music/YouTube  

When the announcement that both idols were joining BLACKSWAN was shared, netizens shared their reactions and excitement for the newest members, hoping that it would be the start of a new journey for the group. Hopefully, the group can now move forward with six members and live up to their full potential.

Check out the two new members’ introduction below:

Source: TalkTalk Korea and @drenterofficial/Instagram

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