Netizens Enraged By Video Of Kids Reading Hate Comments To A Rookie Girl Group

Everyone involved was uncomfortable.

A video featuring children and rookie girl group BLING BLING is receiving mixed reactions from netizens for its controversial content.

Created by Studio Kizzle, children are instructed to read hate comments to the girl group. The comments themselves are not actual hate comments towards BLING BLING but rather fabricated based on the types of comments that many rookie groups may receive.

While the point of the video is to illuminate the effects of these harsh words and make people more responsible for the words they leave on the internet, netizens are questioning why the content was made at the expense of both the children and the members of BLING BLING.

The children were instructed to read a variety of hate comments including, “Why be an idol when you’re not talented?,” “You need plastic surgery,” and “How many years of training do you have? I think you need more.”

The children show hesitancy to read the cruel comments and even express their disapproval for the careless words.

The members also showed visible negative reactions to the words. Netizens noted how this content was made at the expense of both the idols’ and the children’s emotional well-being.

  • Isn’t this too cruel???? It will be difficult for the children to read
  • No but why are they making them do that? The people listening will get hurt and the kids who say it feel guilty, too.
  • Why the hell are they doing this, this is abuse for both of them

Studio Kizzle claims the video shows the harsh realities of these hurtful words in an attempt to make people more aware of the severity of their words online.

The hate comments and criticism without evidence towards celebrities are ‘potential murder.’ We hope for a more mature internet culture.

— Studio Kizzle

While it certainly does so, some believe there could be other ways to express the same sentiment. Check out the video by Studio Kizzle for yourself below.

Source: TheQoo