BLINK Demand Fair Promotions For BLACKPINK With Trucks Outside All YG Entertainment Buildings


BLINK have set up a second round of trucks outside YG Entertainment’s buildings, demanding for fair promotions for BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK’s DC Gallery have set up a second round of trucks that will be travelling between YG Entertainment, THE BLACK LABEL, and various broadcasting and media outlets. The trucks will run for two days, May 14-15.

In one of the videos provided by the gallery, “Kill This Love” could be heard blasting from the truck speaker in front of the YG Entertainment building.

BLINK have a list of 12 demands that they want from YG Entertainment, ranging from comebacks to use of social media.

  1. Two comebacks every year.
  2. At least 6 new songs in a full album release.
  3. Release the promised solo projects.
  4. Utilize their YouTube channel with 35 million subscribers.
  5. Don’t separate into active/resting periods, constantly release contents.
  6. Appearances on a variety of music shows, variety shows, radio, awards, and end of year award ceremonies.
  7. Use their official Twitter.
  8. Use of a variety of platforms (V LIVE, Instagram Live, etc).
  9. Set a time for album pre-orders.
  10. Release the digital album the same time as the physical album.
  11. Release new songs on Friday, 6pm KST.
  12. Legal action against malicious commenters.

During their first round of truck protests back in December 2019, YG Entertainment acknowledged that their concerns would be addressed. However, it has been 6 months, and BLACKPINK still has not received a set comeback date yet. BLINK have argued that it simply makes no sense for BLACKPINK, who have been active for nearly 5 years now, to not have a single full album.

BLACKPINK were reported to be making their comeback in June, however it has not yet been confirmed by YG Entertainment.

Source: DC Gallery