BLINKs Call Out YG Entertainment After BLACKPINK’s Conversation With Pharrell Williams In Paris Is Revealed

It’s all to do with BLACKPINK’s musical freedom!

On January 25, BLACKPINK attended the Le Gala des Piéces Jaunes charity event that was organized by France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron.

The members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter

The members wowed netizens with their unreal talent, charisma, and visuals during the event. Luckily, fans attending shared clips from the performance, and they definitely caught the attention of everyone attending, and not just the BLINKs.

Alongside their amazing performances, BLACKPINK gained attention for their interactions with artist Pharrell Williams. In a viral image taken by none other than President Emmanuel Macron, BLACKPINK and Pharrell truly had the most epic interaction.

BLACKPINK and Pharrell | Wikitree

On January 27 (KST), BLINKs were even more excited when footage of the group’s interaction with Pharrell went viral on social media.

The first part of the conversation between Pharrell and the BLACKPINK members was hard to hear. Yet, what wasn’t hard to understand was when Pharrell explained to the members, “Because I want/ed to put you girls on my album.”

| @BLACKPINKfrr/Twitter

The members were unsurprisingly very excited to hear that Pharrell wanted to work with them.

| @BLACKPINKfrr/Twitter

It didn’t stop there, as Pharrell still had the desire to work as he explained, “What do I have to do?” which made the members laugh.

| @BLACKPINKfrr/Twitter

Obviously, it isn’t surprising that Pharrell shared this sentiment. Back in 2019, the artist shared a video in the recording studio with Lisa and Jennie. It had fans excited that a possible collaboration was in the works, but it never seemed to result in anything.

| @pharrell/Instagram 
BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Pharrell, and BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @pharrell/Instagram

In the comments of the video, BLINKs shared their excitement at a possible collaboration between the two artists. Yet, many fans also shared their anger that BLACKPINK has some of the biggest artists wanting to work with them yet have not had the opportunity because of the company.

In particular, many thought the members’ expressions showed that they either didn’t know about the opportunity or were worried about saying anything without YG knowing.

You can read more about BLACKPINK’s interactions with Pharrell below.

Source: @blackpinkfrrr


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