K-Pop Idol Buys Bitcoin, Loses A Ton Of Money

“I learned a valuable lesson.”

Block B’s Park Kyung opened up about the dumbest thing he recently did, which was Bitcoins.

Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system that works without a central bank or single administrator.

He had invested in Bitcoins because of its hype as the latest trend in investment plans.

“I recently invested a bit into Bitcoins and I think it was the most stupid thing I’ve done.”

When he first bought Bitcoins, the value was still on the rise.

“It was in the red-zone when I bought it and I thought it would continue that way.”

Unfortunately for Park Kyung, the value of Bitcoins have been cut nearly in half!

Bitcoins have become a hot trend in Korea as celebrities and civilians alike have begun purchasing them as investment plans through recently launched exchange companies. Actor Lee Dong Wook was chosen to endorse a Bitcoin company.

Although Park Kyung lost money on his investment, he looks back on this as a lesson learned.

“I learned a valuable lesson.”

Watch Park Kyung hilariously reveal his biggest regret below!