Block B’s Park Kyung Reveals He Regrets Not Working With A Female Artist

Block B‘s Park Kyung has revealed his wishes to collaborate with girl group April or Yoo Sung Eun.

On January 18, Park Kyung held an interview with reporters in Seoul in celebration of the release of his first mini-album, NOTEBOOK. The jazzy title song, “When I’m With You”, features artist Brother Su, but, interestingly enough, Park Kyung joked that he regrets working with a man.

“I think it was a mistake not featuring a female artist. I think many people prefer songs featuring a female artist. There are too many male artists these days, in my opinion.”

He also commented on how he greatly respected his song, but he could not help but wonder how different it would have been if a female artist was featured. He added that he would love to work with female artist Yoo Sung Eun and girl group April if he had the chance.

He explained:

“I personally like the girl group April. I think it will be good to do a project together. I wasn’t always into girl groups, but I wanted to work with them ever since I saw their comeback stage on a music show recently. I even watched their V LIVE videos. But it’s not like I’m a crazy fan.”

Park Kyung’s NOTEBOOK was released January 18, and has a total of 5 songs, including his title song, “When I’m With You.”

Would you want to see Park Kyung collaborating with a female artist or group?

Source: Sports Today