Block B’s U-Kwon Breaks Up With His Girlfriend Of 10-Years

“We are currently friends and no longer lovers…”

Block B‘s U-Kwon and his girlfriend of 10 years, model Jeon Sun Hye, have broken up.

Jeon Sun Hye (left) and U-Kwon (right) | SBS

Jeon Sun Hye revealed her current relationship status on her Instagram.

Many people have sent me DMs after seeing my story, so after careful consideration, I have decided to update you. We are currently friends and no longer lovers.

—Jeon Sun Hye

Jeon Sun Hye’s letter on Instagram | @sunhye_j/Instagram
Jeon Sun Hye | @sunhye_j/Instagram
U-Kwon | @uk_0530/Instagram

The model revealed that she and U-Kwon have decided to be friends ending their 10-year relationship.

Jeon Sun Hye also wrote, “Thank you for rooting for us and looking over us kindly. Have a good day.”

Jeon Sun Hye | @sunhye_j/Instagram
Jeon Sun Hye | @sunhye_j/Instagram

Block B’s U-Kwon and Jeon Sun Hye revealed their relationship in 2012. At the time, U-Kwon had penned a letter personally to his fan club.

I have a girlfriend. Someone who roots for me when I am down.


U-Kwon | @uk_0530/Instagram
Source: Wikitree
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