Block B’s Park Kyung Slapped With A Fine For Revealing Names Of Singers Accused Of Chart Manipulation

He only had good intentions.

Previously it was revealed that Block B‘s Park Kyung was fighting strongly against singers that had done sajaegi, a manipulation of the charts by hiring bots. However, due to the way he had gone about doing so, he ended up being sued for slander instead.

On the 17th of September 2020, it was revealed that due to the laws in place, the Seoul courts had ordered Park Kyung to pay a fine of ₩5,000,000 KRW ($4250 USD) for charges of damage to reputation.

Previously on in November 2019, he had taken to his personal social media to speak out against sajaegi, posting the following statement that had soon become controversial. Although many praised him for being so vocal about this despite his status as an idol, it looks like the laws win out.

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I too, want to do sajaegi like Vibe, Song Haye, Im Jaehyun, Jun Sang Geun, Jang Deokchul and Hwang In Wook.

— Park Kyung

After his controversial post, not only did he delete the post and postpone his fan sign, he also ended up enlisting in January. The agencies of the various singers also stated that they would be taking legal action, but police investigations on Park Kyung were delayed due to his enlistment.

Perhaps this is a warning to most that despite good intentions, things can go awry if one is not careful.

Source: Star Today

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