Netizens Are Divided Over Block B’s P.O Asking “Hotel Del Luna” Co-Star IU To Visit Him In The Military

This is why fans are against it.

Block B‘s P.O. recently reached out to IU to visit him in the military. P.O and IU connected with the hit K-Drama, Hotel Del Luna. During an interview with GQ Korea, P.O sent a video message to ask her to come to his military base for a visit.

P.O asking IU to come to visit him in the military. | GQ Korea/YouTube

 IU, Jieun, Ms. Jieun, would you visit me in the military?


The news met with two very different reactions from the public. On one hand, some felt that it was rude of him to have asked her to do so. Even if they are close, asking someone to visit in the military may be stepping over the line. This is especially so given her popularity. Usually, only girlfriends and family members visit army men.

Netizens condemn P.O. | theqoo

  • “It’s right to say that it’s f*cking so-so of him, and it’s right to view this as something that needs to be fixed. Don’t crap about how people are making a fuss.”
  • “I thought it was obvious from the rap lyrics he wrote. It was so-so to see his name often because he was on some television program.”
  • “They’re right.”
  • “Seems like they’re close.”
  • “F*cking rude LOL”
  • “Even if they’re close, it’s so-so. Even IU’s younger brother didn’t let anyone know that his sister was IU because of his consideration for her. If they’re close, such words are kinda…”

The sentiment was worsened due to a viral tweet that went off in early 2022. The OP of the tweet explained that even her younger brother stopped her from coming to visit due to the disturbing actions of army men.

When my younger brother was in the army, I never visited him, not even once. This is because my brother told me that he told [everyone] he was an only child so I wasn’t to come. So only my mom went to visit. I confessed how upset I was [about not being able to see] to my brother when he came out on leave and confessed how disgusting the army is. He said he couldn’t stand it if he became their masturbation material.

— @gochugochu/Twitter

Given the view of the army, it was understandable why many fans of IU were enraged. On the other hand, some felt that fans were overreacting.

Netizens defending P.O. | theqoo

  • “People really are making a fuss, wow.”
  • “Honestly, right now, the situation on theqoo is even more disgusting, f*ck. Why are fans making a fuss by dragging in something that’s not very significant?”
  • “I wondered what it was about. They’re making a fuss on her behalf.”
  • “If it’s just a [interview] question, then that’s that, but it’s kind of meh… It would be less burdensome to ask her personally.”
  • “Making a fuss over nothing.”

Neither P.O nor IU has made a further comment about the matter. P.O enlisted in the army on March 28, 2022. The interview was released post-enlistment.


Source: theqoo and theqoo