Popular Third Generation Boy Group Finally Reunites, Comforting Fans

It’s been 12 years since debut.

Block B is one of K-Pop’s most iconic third-generation boy groups. The team released many bangers that remain relevant today. “HER” and “Toy” are still loved in 2023.

Block B.

The group underwent some tough times with their company. They filed a lawsuit against Stardom Entertainment in 2013, and later lost the lawsuit but managed to negotiate a transfer of rights to Seven Seasons. In 2018, Zico left the company. Also he did not leave the group, group activities for Block B became difficult as he was the mastermind behind most of their songs. The members were also slated to enlist in military one after another, with Jaehyo enlisting that very year.

With only P.O still in the military, the boys finally reunited for a meal. On September 23, 2023, Park Kyung posted a photo of the 7 of them, with the caption “our maknae will finally be discharged soon.

L to R: Jaehyo, Park Kyung, Zico, U-Kwon, P.O, Taeil, B-Bomb. | @qkrrud78/Instagram

The last time we saw a full group picture was in December 2022. Back then, U-Kwon uploaded a simple photo of the group in a practice room.

Fans loved seeing the group reunite.

Netizen comments. | Instiz
  • Did P.O get discharged?
  • Please have a comeback.
  • Please release something, even if it’s a diss track. Please please.
  • Ahn Jaehyo, it’s been awhile.
  • Please comeback…
  • This is the week that P.O will be discharged…
  • Gasp. It’s already the week that P.O is discharged…
  • For real?
  • Please, please, please, make a comeback.

A comeback would be the best news of 2023!

Source: Instiz