Blockberry Creative Swiftly Denies Dating Rumors Between LOONA’s Heejin And D1CE’s Jinyoung

They have denied the rumors.

Blockberry Creative has swiftly denied the rumor that LOONA‘s Heejin and D1CE‘s Jinyoung are in a relationship.

In a statement shared with Topstarnews, Blockberry Creative relayed their position on the rumors.

It is not true at all. The two are not even close with each other in any personal level.

Various rumors have spread due to her cousin’s video being exposed on her V LIVE, and we want to make sure no one else gets affected by this, so we wanted to act quickly.

We are sorry for causing worry to many people, and will continue to do our best.

— Blockberry Creative

During her live broadcast, Heejin shared a video clip with her fans, and on the clip, some netizens noticed an individual with blonde hair. Some people believed the person with blonde hair was D1CE’s Jinyoung, as he currently has blonde hair.

Source: Topstarnews