Bloomberg Says Bang Si Hyuk Is Worth $770 Million Thanks To BigHit And BTS

They said Bang Si Hyuk is “one of the biggest winners in the K-Pop boom”

Bloomberg, a renown financial data company, announced that Bang Si Hyuk is worth $770 million USD according to their Bloomberg Billionaires Index! They valued his worth by the incredible success of his company, BigHit Entertainment, and their artists, BTS.

Bloomberg named ARMYs as the number one driving force that allowed his production company to soar in revenue, making him “one of the biggest winners in the K-Pop boom.


They praised Bang Si Hyuk’s humility despite his incredible wealth. They recalled how he refrained from “ostentatious displays of wealth often seen in K-Pop“. Although he’s worth millions of dollars, Bloomberg remarked that he was downing a $3 bowl of soup from a convenience store during their previous interview. They believe his character comes from the fact that BigHit originally struggled in its beginning.

“[Bang Si Hyuk] struggled initially, and the company edged toward bankruptcy in its early years. Business was sometimes so quiet that artists stopped by the office only to play tennis matches on BigHit’s Nintendo Wii, he said in the interview.”

— Bloomberg


But Bang Si Hyuk is never the one to give up on hard work. He focused on the artists’ perfected skillsets, communication with the fans, and the “right moves” to pull his company to its 214 billion won (~$187 million USD) revenue by 2018.

“Bang was asked if Big Hit would make as much money with BTS as artists like Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘Only if I make the right moves.'”

— Bloomberg


BigHit Entertainment and Bang Si Hyuk are now predicted to be the richest agency and producer in the K-Pop industry. With BTS’s upcoming new album, “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” and BigHit’s latest new boy group, TXT, Bang Si Hyuk’s value is predicted to climb even higher by the end of this year.

BTS and TXT.