The Blue House Releases An Official Statement About The Petition To Cancel Upcoming K-Drama “Snowdrop”

It will be proceeding to air due to a legislation that protects its rights.

Previously, upcoming JTBC K-Drama Snowdrop faced some trouble prior to airing. The public accused the plot line of being a romanticization of North Korean spies as well as of the political landscape back in the 1980s. Previously, many students were massacred during politic rife in the times of the Gwangju Democratic Movement.

As petitions to stop the airing of Snowdrop were sent in, The Blue House decided to release an official response to the matter.

The Blue House addressed the petitions that moved to stop the airing of dramas that distort history, naming Snowdrop and Joseon Exorcist in particular.

On March 26, after taking into consideration the severity of historical distortion in Joseon Exorcist, it was decided for the show to be taken off air. For Snowdrop, the broadcasting station that plans to air it has claimed that the controversy was due to the incomplete synopsis and character introductions that were released partially, resulting in one-sided information. It is not a drama that disparages the Democratic Movement or romanticizes spies. The drama is currently in production.

In the 4th clause in the broadcasting law, independence and freedom is guaranteed and due to the law, non-legal regulation or interference is not allowed. In particular, as creative works are free to pursue their own individualistic expression, it is something that needs to be approached with caution. The government respects the free choices and self-restraint that will be exercised with sensitivity by the creators, producers, and consumers with regards to contents that have stirred up the public.

— The Blue House

| The Blue House

However, The Blue House also stresses that in the case where the drama falls into severity for distortion of history after airing, it will be dealt with accordingly. Not only will the regulation committee for broadcasts be closely monitoring Snowdrop, but the producers will also have to take full responsibility, should it come to that point.

It looks like Snowdrop will be proceeding to air without incident for now! We’re excited to see BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and actor Jung Hae In in the lead roles.

Source: The Blue House