BoA’s Fans “Disappointed” At Her Latest Instagram Stories Celebrating Her Year-End Accomplishments

Fans had been looking forward to an explanation instead.

Shortly after Billboard announced its list of “10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2020”, on which BoA‘s BETTER ranked first place…

BoA | SM Entertainment

… the soloist took to her Instagram @boakwon and celebrated with a series of Stories.

| @boakwon/Instagram

While some fans congratulated the living K-Pop legend of her year-end accomplishments…

| @boakwon/Instagram

… others found the festivities to be premature, “considering how she has caused quite the controversy with the news of her illegally imported sleeping pills.”

| @boakwon/Instagram

I guess she doesn’t think her recent illegal activity is that big of a deal, huh? I honestly thought this would be an apology or some official statement about how she feels about what she did… But here she is, patting herself on the back like nothing happened. I’m not going to lie, I’m deeply disappointed at how she’s handling this. What happened to the smart and elegant BoA I used to stan?

— Fan

Because this series of Stories became the first time BoA has communicated since her recent investigation…

| @boakwon/Instagram

… fans expressed disappointment at the “lack of an explanation” from BoA herself.

| theqoo
  • “I honestly clicked, thinking she uploaded an apology or an explanation…”
  • “Yes, she may be innocent. But it’s still under investigation. I’m surprised she’s acting like this when nothing has been 100% cleared yet.”
  • “Wow… She’s no longer the BoA I thought I knew.”
  • “Is this normal…? I honestly had no idea BoA is this kind of a person.”
  • “Yikes…”
  • “You know, I love BoA… But for this to be the first thing she uploads after the news, I’m kind of confused.”
  • “Uh… I’m feeling a little betrayed. I thought I knew BoA to be better than this.”

SM Entertainment has already addressed the issue and assured the fans that such incidents will be prevented in the future.

We plan to intensify the education for our employees so that this never happens again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

— SM Entertainment

BoA, however, remains heavily criticized for “taking no responsibility for her action which has, in fact, been an illegal one.”

Source: theqoo