BoA Investigated By Police For Illegally Importing Sleeping Pills Into Korea

SM Entertainment released an official statement in response.

According to an exclusive report by SPOTV News, BoA was investigated by the police for illegally importing sleeping pills into Korea.

During her time abroad in Japan, her employee shipped the sleeping pills she usually takes for her activities in Japan to Korea without following the proper import procedures, and as a result, both the employee and BoA were investigated by police.

Regarding the incident, SM Entertainment stated why BoA needed to take sleeping pills as well as how the mishap came about.

Following BoA’s recent physical examination, she was told that she needed proper sleep due to her low levels of growth hormones, so she took sleeping pills which came with severe side effects. An employee abroad, who remembered that the sleeping pills BoA took in Japan for difficulty sleeping had no side effects, received the medication from a hospital following the proper procedures, but they didn’t realize that even if it can be normally prescribed in Japan, it could be a problem in Korea.

— SM Entertainment

According to the Korea Food & Drug Administration‘s regulations, permission from the government is needed in order to import any medicinal product, but the SM Entertainment employee failed to recognize that and simply shipped it with an ingredients label.

As such, SM Entertainment formally apologized and stressed that such incidents will be prevented in the future.

We plan to intensify the education for our employees so that this never happens again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

— SM Entertainment

Source: Naver News