BoA Can’t Believe What Netizens Are Searching About Her Online After Recent “MAMA” Performance

Her name topped the real-time search rankings.

BoA recently topped the real-time search rankings, but the reason for it has BoA demanding to know why netizens are so curious.

BoA took to her Instagram story to post a screenshot of the ranking.

| @boakwon/Instagram

Her name certainly topped the charts, but the exact keywords that were searched were “BoA’s age.

| @boakwon/Instagram

And her reaction has fans sympathizing with BoA and loving her at the same time.

Oh… seriously… What’s wrong with my age?~~

— BoA

This was right after BoA’s performance on MAMA to celebrate her 20th debut anniversary.

The younger viewers who may not have known very much about her were likely flooding the search engines after discovering that someone so talented and looks so young is celebrating her 20th year in the industry!

| @boakwon/Instagram

BoA once again showed off a spectacular performance on MAMA that proved to fans that age is just a number.

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She debuted at the young age of 14, making her 35 years old in Korean age (34 internationally) this year.

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Although she’s dubbed a “veteran” of the industry, BoA performs like the legend she is, yet looks no different than her much younger juniors!

| @boakwon/Instagram
Source: Dispatch