BoA Reveals Her Biggest Concerns As She Celebrates Her 20th Anniversary

Hard to believe this K-Pop queen still has many concerns

In BoA’s V Live show Nobody Talks to BoA, BoA celebrated her 20th anniversary and drank with artist friends Uhm Jung Hwa, Jung Seung Hwa, and Jung Jae Hyung. The legendary artists discuss with each other their friendship, careers, fears, inspiration, and more. 

The group first started off with a toast to BoA and discussed how long they’ve been in the industry. Uhm Jung Hwa shared that with more time you become more alert of your age. To this, BoA reviled that by seeing Uhm Jung Hwa in the industry so long, it helps BoA to know she still has a lot of time left in her career. 

For me. By seeing Jung Hwa working. Being on stage. Made me think that I’m still young and have more way to go. And I have a senior to look up to and continue on my career following her.

— BoA

BoA continued to inform the group that she believes Uhm Jung Hwa “breaks any prejudices of singers who are conscious of their ages.”

She even shared a funny story where she practiced with a young dancer who was born in 1996. BoA admitted it was hard for her to keep up with them, but she tried not to show her struggle. Uhm Jung Hwa and BoA then agree that younger dancers today have a different groove.

The group circles back to BoA’s career as Uhm Jung Hwa revealed she watched an old concert clip of BoA’s. She stated that “she looked so cool. The whole dome…that’s a dream stage.”Jung Jae Hyun added that one time he was in Paris and everyone was talking about BoA: “I heard BoA’s name so much.

With wanting to see into her future, BoA asks her two seniors what their concerns are. The two senior artists replied that it was how can they express themselves musically. Uhm Jung Hwa also expressed that she concerned with how to do something new and different from what she usually does.

Following this, BoA dived into her own concern of putting stereotypes on herself.

At some point, I think I put a stereotype on myself by saying ‘BoA is this kind of person.’ Right, BoA shouldn’t be like this. Even myself started to think like that. I realized that I should see myself in a different perspective. But even if I want to become more free, I don’t know how to be free.

— BoA

From hearing her Sunbae’s advice and concerns to exposing her own concerns, BoA said “I have been talking about ’20th anniversary’ over and over again. But I feel most happy today.” To her comment, the group was very touched and raised their glasses to BoA.

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Source: V Live