BoA Shocks Fans By Uploading Her “Wedding Invitation,” But It Isn’t What You Think

“We, who seem so alike as if we are looking in the mirror, will finally become one…”

BoA surprised her fans by posting a wedding invitation to her Instagram story.

BoA |

On April 24, the idol uploaded a photo of what seems to be a wedding invitation. The singer captioned the post saying, “Everyone, my invitation came out.” The full translation of the card is available below.

BoA’s “wedding” invitation | @boakwon/Instagram

We, who seem so alike as if we are looking in the mirror, will finally become one. We will cherish, understand, and love one another and will make a stage that shines brightest in the world. We will cherish it with happiness if you come and bless us on the day that the curtains are opened.

— BoA

The idol also captioned the post with a link. Upon clicking it, fans were surprised to see that the invitation wasn’t a wedding invitation at all but an invitation to watch JTBC‘s upcoming show K-909.

BoA’s invitation page | pastelletters

Netizens reacted in shock. Many expressed how they thought she was really getting married.

| theqoo
  • “I’m sure this method of promoting will be really effective.”
  • “I was so shocked! LOL, if my idol comes on, I want to be in the audience, LOL.”
  • Unnie, I was really shocked, ㅠㅠ, LOL.”
  • “Hello, unnie?!”
  • “Ah, unnie! We haven’t even decided on a date yet, so I thought you decided without me.”
  • “Woah, so shocked, LOL.”
  • “Wow, I was really shocked, LOL.”
  • “Look at the views, LOL. So many people were fooled, LOL.”
  • “I was telling myself to send you off if you found someone, considering your age, but I was a fool! I realized I can’t let you go yet! I was so scared, ㅠㅁㅠ, sigh.”

Meanwhile, K-909 will be returning on May 6. Check out the trailer in the link below.

Source: sports kyunghyang
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