BoA Hits Back At “Street Man Fighter” Criticism, And SM Entertainment Releases A Statement Warning Legal Action

BoA and SM Entertainment is fighting back.

Amid criticism over her decision on the latest episode of Mnet‘s Street Man Fighter, BoA swung back at her critics.

BoA | @boakwon/Instagram

In the most recent episode of Mnet’s survival show, Prime Kingz was eliminated by the Bank Two Brothers crew in a dance battle. Fans took exception, however, to one of the battle rounds. Despite Prime Kingz’s Trix‘s allegedly decisive win over Bank Two Brother’s J ROC, the judges forfeited their votes, sending the dancers into another battle round where J ROC was announced the winner.

The decision was received harshly by the viewers as many attacked them for how the battle played out.

From left to right: Wooyoung, BoA, Eunhyuk forfeiting their votes | Mnet

On September 21, BoA took to her Instagram account, where she responded to fans’ criticism, saying she wasn’t fit to be a judge.

Through her Instagram story, the idol stated that she was tired of the criticism, saying it was wrong to blame the judges for Prime Kingz’s elimination.

It isn’t like the judges aren’t the ones who decide which teams battle for elimination… I’m getting tired of constantly thinking… ‘Would you guys have been less upset if I dropped Bank Two Brothers?’…

— BoA

BoA then also uploaded another photo of a statement released by SM Entertainment, warning legal repercussions to malicious comments toward her.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Currently, there are malicious comments spread through the artist’s social media, online communities, and portal sites.

These acts are against the law and are subject to punishment. We would like to inform you that we are currently gathering evidence to pursue legal action in both civil and criminal courts.

To protect our artists, we are constantly monitoring for evidence and are currently pursuing legal action. We will continue to pursue legal action against those who engage in criminal behavior.

Thank you.

— SM Entertainment

Street Man Fighter airs every Tuesday at 10:20 pm (KST) on Mnet.

Source: News1