BoA Reveals The Upside Down “Woman” Choreography Is Too Painful For Her To Perform

She’s in incredible pain every time she performs it.

BoA is renown as the Queen of Performance in Asia as she’s shown some of the most innovative stages throughout the last decade and more.

“Many people still know and acknowledge BoA as Asia’s Star and Queen of Performance. A lot of people and your juniors know you as the sole Queen of Performance.”

— Park So Hyun


Just when you think she’s done the most craziest stunts, BoA literally shocked the K-Pop scene with her daring choreography for her latest hit, ‘Woman’, where she begins by walking upside down surrounded by men.


Although she owns the challenging choreography as if it’s no sweat off her back, she revealed during a radio show that she too was shocked when she first saw the choreography.

“When I first got the choreography video, I thought the screen was upside down.

I was like, ‘What’s this?’, and the girl began walking. I thought, ‘Are they expecting me to do this?’ And needless to say, I realized that the girl was dancing my part.

I was shocked.”

— BoA


She was initially shocked that Kyle Hanagami would ask her to do such a dangerous choreography, especially when they’ve never even worked together before. However, she soon realized that the dance was meant for her.

“I couldn’t believe that a choreographer that I’ve never worked with or seen before was telling me to do this. But I was very impressed with the choreographer. I wondered how he could think of this.”

— BoA


BoA is never the one to back down from a challenge. She practiced and practiced until walking upside down in mid-air became a piece of cake for her.

“It was very difficult at first. I’d never stood upside down in my life. But after practicing a couple times and filming the music video, it became easier.”

— BoA


Although it’s gotten easier for her to make the choreography look amazing, she revealed that it’s actually much more painful to perform than imagined. It’s so painful that she can’t perform live after her stunt, so the broadcast companies allowed her to record the intro separately.

“I’m very thankful for the broadcast companies because they allowed me to film the intro separately.

The biggest issue was that the pressure [in my head] is too much. I get very dizzy like when you suddenly get up and someone hits you hard in the back of your head, and it feels like your eyes are going to pop out.”

— BoA


She regretfully informed her fans that she will most likely stop performing the stunt from now on as it could cause serious injury to her. The fans listening in to the radio were more than understanding as they asked her to take care of her health more than anything else.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to do this many times so I beg everyone… please don’t expect this from me in the future.

I don’t think I’ll be performing from now on. It was definitely hard but I hated seeing myself getting used to [the pain].”

— BoA


Although BoA may not be performing the stunt anymore, she’s already solidified herself as a legendary performer with such innovative and daring stages like ‘Woman’!