Bobby Chung Rumored To Be The Sexual Assault Perpetrator Of Late Aspiring Singer

His Instagram account has been switched to private.

It was reported that before late aspiring singer, Ms. Song (27) took her own life back in April, she was drugged, sexually assaulted, and filmed by her ex-boyfriend, who is known to be a famous singer-songwriter who recently worked with a famous idol group.

And in light of the shocking news, composer, Bobby Chung became the most searched name on Korean search engines following rumors that he might be the accused perpetrator.

In MBC Newsdesk‘s report, a blurred photo of the perpetrator was revealed, but when netizens found the source of the photo in one of Bobby Chung’s uploaded videos, he became the top search on the internet.

Bobby Chung has been revealed to be a singer-songwriter who is a part of an acoustic pop duet called Autumn Vacation. Not only has he written famous songs for himself, but he also participated in recent songs by BTS and TXT, allowing him to gain attention among the younger audience as well.

| @orange_psycho/Instagram

Regarding the rumors that Bobby Chung was the accused perpetrator, neither Bobby Chung nor his agency has released a formal statement revealing their stance.

Meanwhile, Bobby Chung’s Instagram account has been switched to private.

Source: Insight