Bobby Kim returns to Korea following drunken incident on Korean Air

Bobby Kim has finally returned to South Korea from America on February 13th, greeting reporters with a 90-degree bow, showing his remorse for his drunken actions on flight Korean Air which occurred nearly 37 days ago. 

Reporters were given notice by the singer’s agency of his arrival, to which they said, “We will not be avoiding press. Bobby will apologize at the scene personally and publicly. His recent return to Korea is his desire to  solve this problem as fast as possible. There is no scheduled investigations schedule but when things are decided he will cooperate eagerly.”

Landing during the afternoon at Incheon International Airport, Bobby Kim was greeted by reporters upon his arrival and proceeded to take off his hat and gave a deep 90 degree bow, saying, “I deeply apologize for any problems I have caused. As I move forward, I will cooperate with police investigations sincerely. I once again am extremely sorry.”

On January 9th, Bobby Kim was reported to have sexually harassed a flight attendant in a drunken manner after throwing a tantrum regarding his seat, claiming he had been given the wrong seat on the airplane. This lead to police investigation into the matter. It was later revealed by Korean Air that they had indeed issued the wrong airplane ticket as there had been another passenger named Robert Kim with the business class ticket given to him  — Bobby Kim’s full name is Robert Do Kyun Kim.

However, Korean Air’s inconsistencies in what occurred has gone under questions. It was further reported that due to their negligence, Korean Air may be facing some fines as well.

Bobby Kim was originally scheduled to stay in America until March, but due to circumstances, returned home early.

Source: TV Report (1)