Bobby’s Cousin Responds To B.I.’s Controversy And Reassures Fans That The iKON Members Have Pledged To Do Their Best For iKONICs

He expressed that iKON understands how difficult it is for iKONICs

B.I.’s controversial attempt to purchase LSD and marijuana in 2016 has generated great scrutiny in South Korea and has led to his shocking exit from the group.

As he was iKON‘s leader and was heavily involved in their songwriting and music production, many iKONICs have been extremely worried about the group’s future.

Some have even urged the remaining six members to leave YG Entertainment to reform a group with B.I.

Following the scandal, Bobby’s brother Julian went on Instagram live where fans continually asked him about how iKON is doing.

Given that Julian shares a close relationship with his cousin, he was able to reassure them that iKON is trying their best to adapt to the controversy.

He expressed that iKON knew how tumultuous the scandal has been for iKONICs and he reassured them that the remaining members are trying their best.

You guys just need to continue to show support, like they know, they know that you’re, like, watching over them and what not.

And all you guys gotta do is just continue showing love, like that’s the best thing you guys can do, like continue to just encourage them, like, let them know you’re there for them


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Its been way too long

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Although the situation has been tough and no one is truly certain of what is going to happen in the future, Julian told fans that the best thing they can do right now is to show their love for iKON.

He expressed that iKON is working hard to overcome their hardships and that iKONICs should do the same as well.

That’s like the best thing you guys can do for iKON, and, they’re going to do their best for you guys … you guys just do the best that you can for them

iKONICs have been grateful for Julian’s reassuring words and despite how difficult the situation has been, many have pledged to continue supporting the members and spread love.

B.I's Drug Scandal