“My Body Fat Percentage Is 13~14%” — Second Generation K-Pop Idol Opens Up About Her Dramatic Transformation

From honey thighs to abs…

In a recent interview, actor and former singer Uee shared a story of her transformation with a healthy mindset.

Uee | @kim_uieing49/Instagram

Uee appeared as a guest on KBS2’s show Problem Child in House on September 13 with actor Ha Jun, her co-star from the K-Drama Live Your Own Life.

Uee (left) and Ha Jun (right) | KBS2

Uee, who took on the role of a personal trainer in the K-Drama, talked about her changed appearance, saying that she had built muscles through exercise. One of the hosts, Kim Jong Kook, stated that Uee was originally “quite healthy” but that she lost a lot of weight in the middle of her career, which concerned him at the time. He then proudly said, “Now, she seems even healthier.

Uee performed as a member of After School in the past. | The Asia Business Daily

Uee then discussed her physical transformation. She explained that she decided to do a body profile photoshoot and trained hard for it. She clarified that she made abs not for aesthetic purposes but because she was curious about how abs looked.

I signed a contract to do a body profile photoshoot, not for beauty, but for health and because I was genuinely curious about what real abs look like. My older sister had postpartum depression, so we signed up together. She lost 10 kgs in just one month.

— Uee

Uee shares that she and her sister did the body profile shoot together. | KBS2

When asked about the body profile picture she posted on social media, Uee coolly admitted that some retouching was done on the photos. However, her body fat percentage showed that there was no retouching needed to be done.

To be honest, some retouching was done. My body fat percentage is 13~14%.

— Uee


When asked about a tip-off that claimed Uee was not satisfied with her body, she responded that in the past, she felt pressure to maintain her reputation as a singer with beautiful legs, often called the “honey thighs.” However, now, she focuses on health and is satisfied with herself.

I debuted with ‘honey thighs,’ and I thought I needed to have a beautiful body to get more work. I went on extreme diets multiple times. But then, I had the chance to do a body profile photoshoot, and I wanted to see my abs, so I did it for my health. Now, I eat well, exercise well, and I have no complexes or dissatisfaction.

— Uee


Uee also shared that she runs a cafe with her young sibling, who is a photographer. The cafe is also a body profile photoshoot studio called Halfway.


From 2009 to 2017, Uee was a member of the girl group After School, and since then, she has acted in various K-Dramas, including Queen Seondeok (2009), High Society (2015), and My Only One (2018). Her upcoming K-Drama Live Your Own Life will be released on September 16.

Source: Osen